About Vedic Art

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“Both feet firmly on the ground and the paint brush in heaven”

A creative way of self awareness. Taking part in a Vedic Art course is a wonderful way for you to connect with your creativity, reduce stress and liberate the potential for new ideas. There are no demands in this workshop; each person gets in touch with – and creates from – their own inner source.

When you open to your creative impulse and find a balanced focus, which includes focusing on the positive sensory experiences you can access in every moment, this increases your sense of wellbeing alongside opening doorways that may have been closed before.

Vedic Art was founded by the Swedish artist Curt Kallmann 40 years ago. Curt Kallmann was chosen by Maharishi Mahesh yogi to develop this method so the Vedic principles could be taught to Western people.

Vedic Art does not belong to any religion. The method is not related to any specific art style.

Vedic Art’s essence are the 17 principles from the 5000 year old ancient Vedas. After Curt’s passing in 2010, his son Johannes took over the Vedic Art school in Sweden and many of his students now spread this amazing method of awakening creativity around the world.